Hi! I’m Paul-Emile Boucher, a french Art Director and CG artist based in Paris.

After 5 years of studies in Computer Graphics, Animation and Post-Production, having directed five 3D short films, I decided to take my first steps in the video games industry as a VFX and Environment Artist.

I enjoy working in a variety of creative moods and art directions, from photorealistic, mature projects to children cartoons.

I’m wildly passionate about video games, deeply cinephile, and my work range from one medium to the other. I’m currently making real-time CG by day, drawings and comics projects by night… but it could be the other way around.

I’m a keen learner, with a great passion about the work I do. If you have a project that I may be able to help out on, please drop me a line!


Art Director - Sloclap, 2018-now
Environment & FX Lead - Sloclap, 2015-2018
Environment Artist - Ubisoft Paris, 2012-15
VFX Artist - Ubisoft Paris, 2011-12
Director - Cirkus Animation, 2011
Director - Canal+, 2010


 Master’s Degree, 
Spec. Course in CG and Animation
Supinfocom Arles, France, 2009-2011
Technical degree in Audiovisual Studies,
Spec. in Editing and Post-Production
Lycée Léonard de Vinci, France, 2006-2008


  Unreal Engine
•  Adobe Creative Suite
– Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere
 Terrain Modeling – World Machine, Vue

Fun facts

I speak fluent french and english
I like playing badminton and scuba diving
I sometime show – very small – signs of OCD
For example, I wouldn’t hesitate to add a random sentence just to properly align this paragraph.

They told nice things about me…


“ Paul-Emile started to work with me as Junior VFX Artist. He was learning and discovering real time production. What can I say? He learned fast, really fast… I was very confident to let him create some heavy/complex effects and destruction animations.

He’s creative, professionnal, has an amazing artistic sense , and most of all is a very nice person to work with. VFX is not his unique skill. He’s also a great level artist, 2D/3D, a talented film editor with After Effects. Everything he tries ends up as a success. Paul-Emile is the ONE you need in a team, he is young but -oh- so promising ! ”

Cédric Humeau, Art Director @ Ubisoft